#MAESTRO is out!

The latest issue of IL QUADERNO, ISI Florence’s journal on architectural studies.

This new issue is dedicated to the special relationship between scholars and teachers. In his preface, editor Franco Pisani states, “What makes a #MAESTRO? It’s the capacity of triggering the desire for knowledge. Teaching is the art of growing the awareness of the necessity of research. The lesson learnt by the physical proximity of the #MAESTRO each time is that of the awakening of the commitment more than the fulfillment of some void. (…) Despite the creative pairing, I like to think of the #MAESTRO as a sorcerer, a magician, a person who has magical powers and who uses them to educate other humans. For this issue of IL QUADERNO we juxtaposed the term maestro with the symbol # with the clear attempt to put side by side something analogic, classic and something digital, contemporary. The verticality of the traditional transfer of knowledge embedded in the term MAESTRO and the horizontality of today’s web based free access to endless data”.

#MAESTRO is split into two parts. The first is the result of the Call for Papers issued in the fall of 2017 and the consequent campaign of blind reviews of the collected articles; the second, which has been called “snapshots of experiences”, is a series of memories about highly formative moments shared by friends and readers from their academic paths. Some of these memories are anecdotes, images, and flashbacks. Quick marks, apparently unimportant, but with a great capacity of igniting educative experiences.

Nina Peci, ISI Florence Marketing and Program Development