ISI Florence has developed a number of diversity and merit-based scholarships in cooperation with its partners. To apply for scholarship funds, students must complete an ISI online application and indicate in the essay the reason they are applying for scholarship funds and the amount requested (may vary from $500 – $2500). Click here to APPLY NOW.

Roger Willams University


In general, all federal financial aid, excluding Federal Work Study, should be available as long as students are earning credits toward their degrees while abroad. This includes Pell Grants, guaranteed student loans, and PLUS Loans. Nearly all states also allow state financial aid to go with students abroad; however, students should discuss policies regarding state and institutional aid with their study abroad or financial aid office.

When determining your financial needs, make sure to include all possible expenses, including the program fee (tuition and housing), airfare, meals, books, field trips, course fees, materials, insurance, Permit of Stay, cell phone, personal travel, and miscellaneous purchases.


Students who go on study abroad programs say the experience profoundly influences their way of thinking. To study abroad is to undertake an adventure that will expose you to new customs and languages, new ways of thinking, new and different ways to live. But often it requires finding ways to fund the adventure. If your financial aid does not cover all the anticipated expenses, you may consider private sources of funding and scholarships.

Government and Private Funding


Gilman Scholarships
Students receiving a Pell Grant may be eligible for this scholarship which provides $5,000 for any semester or year abroad. Check out the Institute of International Education Gilman Scholarship website for details.