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Studio Arts in Florence

Are you passionate about the arts and eager to immerse yourself in Italy’s rich cultural heritage? Look no further than ISI Florence!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting city of Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and engage in hands-on artistic exploration. Our accomplished studio arts faculty will guide you as you refine your painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital media skills. At ISI Florence, we offer a unique blend of academic guidance and experiential learning. Through dynamic studio-based classes and immersive field trips, you will develop a deep understanding of the artistic process and cultivate your own unique and creative voice. Join our vibrant artistic community for a semester or summer session to receive transferable university credit and ignite your creativity in the heart of Italy’s cultural capital.

Study Art History in the Heart of the Renaissance

Are you captivated by the stories behind the masterpieces?

At ISI Florence, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself and discover first-hand the world of Florentine and Italian art. Explore iconic landmarks and museums housing renowned masterpieces, guided by passionate scholars who breathe life into their history. From Leonardo and Michelangelo to groundbreaking modern artists and architects, you’ll gain a profound understanding of art’s cultural and social significance.

Florence: Your Living Classroom

Experience Florence as your living classroom, where every street, building, and masterpiece tells a story. This remarkable city has shaped societies and left an indelible mark on humanity through its artistic heritage. Art history courses at ISI Florence are your gateway to unlocking the secrets of art’s, past, present, and future.

Join us and become part of something extraordinary and get ready to explore, learn, and thrive in the cultural capital of Italy.

Our Courses

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Art History
Fine Arts
  • ARCH 391 – Architecture in Italy: History and Preservation
  • ARTH 300 - History of Italian Design
  • ARTH 314 – The Art of Florence: Exploring Visual Culture
  • ARTH 3201 History of Contemporary Art
  • ARTH 3202 Feminism in Art
  • ARTH 330 - Michelangelo: The First Modern Artist
  • ARTH 331 - Leonardo da Vinci: Unconventional Genius
  • ARTH 332 - Michelangelo: Painter, Sculptor, Architect
  • ARTH 340 - Contemporary Art: Visualizing Colonialism, Gender, and Globalization from 1945 to the Present
  • ARTH 4204 Twentieth Century Italian Art
  • ARTH 4206 Neuroesthetics: Creativity and the Brain
  • COMM/CEP 300 - Tour Guiding & Multicultural Competence (Community Engagement Practicum)
  • FDES 3108 Textile Design: Silk Screen
  • FDES 3109 Textile Design: Batik
  • IDES 2101 Sketchbook Studies: Italian Architecture and Interiors
  • LARCH 340 - Landscape Architecture: The Villa and the Garden
  • MUSM 420/FIN 210 - Art in a Legal World
  • MUSM/CEP 300 - Tour Guiding for Palazzo Vecchio (Community Engagement Practicum)
  • SART 1102 Drawing II
  • SART 2301 Printmaking I
  • SART 2401 Introduction to Sculpture
  • SART 3201 Painting II
  • SART 3202 Painting III
  • SART 3304 Book Arts
  • SART 3305 Printmaking and the Book
  • SART 4101 Advanced Studio Practices: Drawing
  • SART 4401 Sculpture: The Medium is the Message
  • SART 4501 Advanced Photography: Analog and Digital Photography
  • SART 4601 Advanced Studio Practices for Art Majors
  • VART 204 – Drawing: The Human Figure
  • VART 261 – Introduction to Photography: Portfolio of Florence
  • VART 270 - Street/Travel Photography
  • VART 282 – Beginning Oil Painting: Imagery of Florence
  • VART 430 – Introduction to Digital Photography

Are you ready to study art & art history in the cradle of the Renaissance?