Food, Sustainability & Environmental Studies

ISI Florence’s newest curricular offerings invites students and scholars to participate in the study of Italian food systems, sustainability and the environment.

Each course includes a series of co- and extra-curricular activities that are an integral part of the curriculum; they include guest lectures, site visits, field trips, culinary activities, research projects, and other hands-on experiences. These activities allow students to directly observe the concepts studied in the classroom and analyze issues surrounding food, sustainability and the environment in an Italian and global context from varied perspectives.


Bi-Annual Food & Sustainability Conference

Since 2012, ISI Abroad has hosted a biennial food conference in Perugia. Past keynotes have included Ken Albala, Massimo Montanari, Rachel Black, Kolleen Guy, Amy Trubek, Simone Cinotto, Molly Anderson, Alice Julier, Lisa Heldke, Michael Herzfeld, and John Lang. Some of the contributions to the first conference have been published as Representing Italy Through Food (Bloomsbury, 2017), edited by Peter Naccarato, Zachary Nowak, and Elgin K. Eckert.
The next conference is scheduled for June 2022. Updates will be posted on this webpage when available.

Independent Research Opportunities

Independent Research Course (3-4 credits) is a student-centered learning experience in which students engage in advanced research on their selected topic with the support of a faculty mentor. It is ideal for students who have previously studied a particular topic and would like to continue exploring it in more depth through individual research. As always, a faculty research coordinator will provide assistance and guidance in defining the research project, assigning a faculty mentor, and selecting the complimentary courses that best fit the students needs as you make the most of their study abroad experience.

Alumni Opportunities

Thinking about a food-related career or graduate study after you finish college? ISI Florence has developed a number of strategic partnerships with universities and food-related organizations in the US and Italy. Contact the ISI Florence Alumni Coordinators for more information.

Ask Former Students

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