Notice: All students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arrival for their semester abroad.
Notice: All students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arrival for their semester abroad.


Motivated students eager to share their study abroad experience with current and future ISI Florence students are urged to apply to the Global Leadership Program. This semester-long program is an opportunity for students to develop and enhance their leadership competencies and cross-cultural awareness through the creation and implementation of social activities and reflective initiatives.

Students will be asked to complete a total of seven activities (three mandatory and four of their own choice) in a variety of fields such as social media, creative writing, event planning, and communication. Students will be mentored throughout the program by an Institute staff member and will have the opportunity to reflect on their progress at various dinners and social events held during the semester.

In addition, participants will be invited to attend a professional development workshop where they will discover ways to successfully communicate their international experience in their future academic and professional careers. Finally, upon successful completion of the program, ISI Florence will issue a digital certificate to each participant, certifying the skills they developed in the program and emphasizing the activities they completed. Participants can expect to dedicate around 10-15 hours to the program, depending on the activities chosen.


  • Participate in/ help organize a charity event. City-wide clean up day, food/clothing drive.
  • Interview a local. From your Italian language exchange partner to your favorite shop keeper or friendly neighborhood barista – Show us the Florentines that have made an impact on your experience abroad. 
  • Organize your own extracurricular activity.
  • Create a video or Vlog. Highlight an aspect of your abroad experience.
  • Instagram takeover day. Show the ISI Florence community a typical day in your life abroad, the interesting places you visit during a class site visit or the beautiful locations you discover during your weekend travels.
  • Write an article/blog post highlighting an aspect of your time abroad.
  • Instagram posts. Show us meaningful places and events in your day-to-day life in Florence. What places inspire you, what places make you feel at home.
  • Interview an ISI Florence volunteer. Help tell their story and the impact their actions have had on the local community.
One of the activities include story-telling and video-making. This video is from Brenna Lynch, Fall 2019.


Do you have

an open-mind and willingness to step out of your comfort zone?

Are you

enthusiastic to create and carry out independent and/or group activities?

Are you able

to meet pre-assigned deadlines?

Do you

respond to emails in a timely manner?

If you have answered yes to these questions, then please consider becoming a Global Leader!


  • Develop valuable leadership skills in an international setting.
  • Gain professional experience for your resume.
  • Engage and connect with the ISI Florence community by sharing your experiences and stories in creative ways.
  • Receive a digital certificate of your accomplishments for future employers and educators to appreciate!
  • Attend an international experience career workshop exclusively for GLs.


Can Cooking at Home Improve Your Eating Experience?

Studying abroad is an immersive experience, and a country’s cuisine plays an important role in understanding your host country’s culture. This rings true, especially in Italy

I found the interview a local activity super beneficial!

The activities of the Global Leadership Program really pushed me out of my comfort zone! I was so nervous before doing the interview but I had such a positive experience! Had it not been for this activity I’ve probably never would have pushed myself to make that connection. Since doing the interview I’ve actually made it a point to talk more to the people I see at restaurants, shops, or other places I go here in Florence and have gotten so many more interesting conversations because of it!
Gina Wierzbicki 
Fall 2019

I was able to meet my goals.

Of the notable things/lessons I learned from the experience – empathy, mindfulness, humility, and confidence – were but a few! I learned that authenticity  is a universal language that stretches across all borders. I would love to partake in this experience again as well as recommend to other students.
Hayley Crigger 
Fall 2019

A great learning experience!

I think the interview activity definitely helped to push me out of my comfort zone, due to the language barrier as well as some of the cultural differences we encountered. Overall, the Global Leadership Program was a great learning experience!
Brenna Lynch 
Fall 2019

Curiosity pushed me to learn through experience.

This point is the primary goal of my study abroad experience. I will freely admit to occasionally seeking out the comforts of home, but I find that the moments of feeling “genuinely” Italian are the ones I am most excited to have again.
Margaret Morgenstern
Fall 2019


You may apply prior to your arrival in Florence. However, applications will not be considered until the first week of classes. Accepted students will be contacted at that time.

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    Please be sure to include any extra-curricular activities as well as job experiences that may be relevant.