Gearing Up For Finals: Best Places to Study Around Florence

By Celia Sanabria, University of Maryland | ISI Florence Spring 2024

As April progresses and exams are set to commence on Monday, I find myself gearing up for the start of the finals season. With just three weeks left before the ISI semester comes to an end, it’s time to hit the books. From my four wonderful months in this charming city, I’ve curated a list of three top-notch study spots. Whether you enjoy the lively ambiance of a café, the chatter within a tourist cinema attraction, or the serene atmosphere of a picturesque library, I’ve got you covered.

Todo Modo
I stumbled across this delightful café my first week here in Firenze. Located in the heart of the city, it quickly became a go-to homework spot for me! Todo Modo blends traditional Italian warmth with modern style. The welcoming ambiance is enhanced by the distinctive wooden seating and shelves filled with books. Additionally, the lively artwork, music, and attentive staff ensure a consistently enjoyable study session. Need a break from studying? The café offers an extensive collection of literature spanning various genres. With delicious coffee, pastries, and a cozy nook for reading or a communal table for work, Todo Modo accommodates all tastes during your study sessions.

Cinema Odeon Firenze
Are you someone who finds productivity in the buzz of background chatter while studying? If so, Cinema Odeon Firenze is a must-visit spot during finals season! Just a few minutes from Piazza della Repubblica, this venue combines a bookstore, cinema, cafe, and perfect study spot in one. While tourists flock here for the free movies, I’m drawn to its inviting ambiance. Surrounding the cinema seats are two floors equipped with open desks and chairs, ideal for focused work. For those prone to distractions, simply plug in your headphones and connect to the free Wi-Fi. The cinema exudes a lively, happy atmosphere, fostering productivity. Whether you prefer the bustling cafe vibe on the first floor or the cinema seating for a study break, Cinema Odeon Firenze caters to your study needs with its versatile environment.

Biblioteca delle Oblate
If you want to channel the calm, peaceful, and focused environment that your college library provides back at home, look no further than Biblioteca delle Oblate. Situated just minutes away from the Duomo, this free public library boasts not only thousands of books but also practical amenities such as ample outlets for study convenience. One of the standout features of this spot is its flexible hours; unlike many cafes in Florence that close early, Biblioteca delle Oblate stays open until 11:00 PM, making it the perfect destination for late-night study sessions. You’ll certainly find me here throughout finals!

Hopefully, one of these three study destinations fulfills your study requirements. Remember to venture out and discover new places as we cherish our final week here in the magnificent city of Florence. Good luck with finals!