Psychology Courses

Why Study Psychology Abroad?

Childhood Education Practicum

ISI Florence makes it easy by offering a wide variety of courses in psychology, taught in English, that allows students to earn credits toward their psychology degree. There are also a number of courses in related disciplines which may be of particular interest to psychology majors, such as art therapy, communications, and education. Psychology courses also offer a number of experiential learning opportunities that offer insight into the role of cultural norms and values in shaping human behavior and interactions.

Students who study psychology at ISI Florence can examine human development as influenced by similarities and differences between people and across cultures. Such a knowledge base is a useful tool when preparing for careers in counseling, education, research, social work, and many other professions. Students witness firsthand the interplay between different people and cultures as they explore Florence, an international city that offers a unique blend of Italian, American, and other cross-cultural influences.


Other courses of interest

Independent Research Opportunities

Independent Research Course (IR 297/397/497) is a student-centered learning experience in which students engage in advanced research on their selected topic with the support of a faculty mentor. It is ideal for students who have previously studied a particular topic and would like to continue exploring it in more depth through individual research. Independent Research courses may vary depending on student interests and needs. Independent Research Courses in psychology are assigned the PYSC disciplinary code and are set at the appropriate academic level depending on the nature of the specific research project.

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