Student Life in Florence

Live like a Florentine, surrounded by history

Students in Florence

Ever studied in a palace? Come to the Institute and you’ll take classes in a Renaissance “palazzo” every day. The ISI Florence “palazzi” are in the very heart of Florence, and the city center is in many ways the Institute’s campus. The language lab extends out to the many outdoor markets and shops; instead of a university cafeteria you will take advantage of the many restaurants, pizzerias, and cafés of Florence; your study space will be everything from the Uffizi Gallery to the Medici Chapels. Students can explore the rich collections of more than thirty museums and numerous churches, or simply absorb the beauty of the Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and the breathtaking view from Piazzale Michelangelo—all within a stone’s throw of their temporary homes.

ISI Florence student life incorporates all aspects of study abroad, including academic study, social interaction, local festivities, and cultural immersion. Students take away wonderful memories and experiences, engaging fully with Florence and its inhabitants by using newfound language skills. Due to Florence’s well-established university population, Institute students can expect to mingle with Florentine peers in the countless public areas around the city.

Travel from Florence

We know you want to wander. That’s the whole point of studying abroad.

For the wanderers and seekers among you: you’re in luck. Florence is an ideal departure point for independent travel throughout Italy and Europe. It’s situated on the principal north-south train line in Italy, and most major European cities are easily accessible.

The nearby Florence, Pisa, and Bologna airports operate daily flights to a wide variety of destinations – Sicily, Sardinia, Barcelona, Paris, London, Berlin, and Prague are all less than a few hours away.

The Travel pages in the Current Students section highlights just a few of the many exciting places you can jet off to from your home base of Florence.