Friendships that Last a Lifetime

Long-lasting friendships come with study abroad. I miss my time there dearly. I have stayed in touch with a number of friends from the program and we get together every couple of months. I am a Master’s candidate studying Art History at the American University in Washington, D.C., for which ISI Florence Professor Rita Comanducci wrote my letter of recommendation. Last weekend, some of my friends from the ISI Fall 2014 program came to visit me in Washington and I thought that you would like to see a picture of all of us to show how friendships last even after the program ends. We are all so thankful for the amazing experience we had and are grateful for everything the faculty and staff at ISI did to make that happen! Grazie mille!

Leah Haines
Fall 2014


Alumni from left to right: Leah Haines and Alyssa Filannino (Rutgers University), Jonathan Vincenty (Penn State), Sydney Morales (UVA), Evan Conti (Penn State), Vivian Vigliotti (Conn College).