Farewell Fall 2017

December 7, 2017. We came together for one last time to celebrate the closing of our Fall 2017 program. We met in the very same room where, only four months ago, all ISI Florence students were sitting – awaiting to start this incredible experience. Studying abroad in a foreign country, far from loved ones, not quite understanding what people are saying, trying to get hold of new customs and adjusting to a very different life-style, balancing fun with study time, meeting new people, making friends, taking in a ton of exciting stimuli like smells, colors, faces, expressions, movements, words, songs; eating, a lot of eating – pasta, pizza, caffé, cappuccino, tortellini, gnocchi, bistecca, gelato, tartufo, vino, olio, pane…

It has been hard at times, we know that, but you managed to overcome your fears, and this we are sure has made you stronger; you have learned to walk your life and you are on the right track to becoming beautiful adults.

Keep up the great job and remember, when you will have grown into your dream, to stop by, walk in, and say hello to your ISI Florence family!

Congratulations to all students, and a special mention to those who proved exceptional and were awarded Best Student:

  • Architecture Studio with Prof. Achilli: Cameron Germond (RWU)
  • Architecture Studio with Prof. Pisani: Michele Katora (MU)
  • Italian Language: Christine Staton (Rutgers University)
  • Art History: Cameron Germond (RWU)
  • History: Nathaniel Dullea (UMD)
  • Social Science: Klara Boger (UMD)
  • Studio Arts: Marissa Petrozza (UConn)
  • Sustainable Food and Environmental Systems Program: Collective Award
  • UConn Studio Arts Program: Cassidy DePaolo (UConn)
  • Cultural Integration: Christine Staton (Rutgers University)
  • Most Valuable Soccer Player: Lina Orjuela (Rutgers University)

Fall 2017 SFESP Collective Award