Beyond n.6 | The ISI Florence & Umbra Institute Studies in International Education



We are glad to announce that the 2023 issue of Beyond (the ISI Abroad journal in international education) is now out. The issue features a preface by Dr. Zachary Nowak (Umbra Institute director), articles by ISI Florence professors Thomas Brownlees and Clive Woollard, an interview with Claudio Menella (best-selling author on teaching Italian to foreign students) by our Italian language coordinator Prof. Catia  Santi, and articles as well as short stories by the following ISI Abroad alumni: Nicolette Alexandra Brito-Cruz,  Ashleigh Cohan, Rosemary Faircloth, Catherine Nardi, and Jessica Paholsky. Each article will soon be available online (like all previous issues of Beyond) on BEYOND JOURNAL ONLINE.