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The Florence Experience is an interdisciplinary course that introduces students to various, relevant aspects of contemporary Florentine life and Italian culture. The course offers students an interdisciplinary experience in language learning. As is well known, this is possible only by direct immersion in the target culture. Since language and culture are deeply connected (language IS culture and culture IS language), each class will introduce students to linguistic skills such as communicative structures, grammar structures, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Beyond the classroom

  • Cultural Laboratory: Florence serves as a dynamic cultural lab, providing a rich environment for exploration.
  • Modern Italian Culture: Students experience a blend of contemporary Italian culture through various activities.
  • Immersive Learning: The course integrates classroom work with practical, on-site experiences.
  • Local Interactions: Activities include interviews with local Florentines, offering insights into their daily lives and perspectives.
  • Exciting Field Trips: Students embark on field trips and treasure hunts at some of the liveliest markets in Florence.
  • University Collaboration: Engage with students from the Università degli Studi di Firenze, fostering academic and cultural exchanges.
  • Interactive Activities: Professional actors conduct dynamic language and culture activities in the classroom, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Extracurricular Activities: Student Services staff organize fun activities for all students, providing a great way to experience Florence fully.

Studying Italian in Florence is an extraordinary experience, that we sincerely recommend to all those who wish to enjoy the Italian language and culture while immersing themselves in this city’s dazzling beauty.

Our courses transform studying the Italian language into a gateway to experiencing Italy in depth. With a communicative and interactive classroom approach, students not only learn the language but also immerse themselves in Italian culture. This comprehensive Italy Abroad experience is enriched by total immersion, making the journey both educational and unforgettable.

“Learning Italian in Florence has been about cultural immersion and belonging. It has pushed me past my comfort zone to practice Italian outside the classroom, which has led to connections with incredibly supportive Italians who challenged me to continue improving my Italian.”

Gabriella Alfano, University of Maryland

“I think that the Italian program at ISI is wonderful, as a student you get amazing exposure to not only the language but also the culture. We have been able to meet and speak with many different Italians throughout the semester and I have learned so much more through these opportunities!”

Francesca Terese De La Pasqua, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Our Italian Studies Courses

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Independent Research
Italian Language
  • IR 297/397/497: Independent Research
  • ITAL 101 – The Florence Experience I
  • ITAL 102 – The Florence Experience II
  • ITAL 150 – Cultural Competency: Exploring life in a small Italian city: Arezzo
  • ITAL 201 – The Florence Experience III
  • ITAL 202 – The Florence Experience IV
  • ITAL 301 – The Florence Experience V
  • ITAL 399 - Special Topics in Italian (taught in Italian)

Tailor-made programs for Florence in the Summer

In the summer session, we offer the opportunity to create tailor-made programs that combine language study with an in-depth exploration of cultural aspects or specific thematic paths. Studying abroad in Florence is the perfect way to fully immerse in Italian culture and language.

Books we use

  • Florence Experience I (101 Beginner) and Florence Experience II (102 Elementary): S. Baldini – D. Marini, VORREI. Corso di lingua italiana di livello elementare 1 e 2. Libro di testo e libro degli esercizi, Firenze University Press, Firenze 2019.
  • Florence Experience III (201 Low Intermediate): C. M. Naddeo con E. Orlandino, Dieci lezioni di italiano A2, Alma Edizioni, Italia, Firenze 2019
  • Florence Experience IV (202 High Intermediate) and Florence Experience V (301 Advanced): C. M. Naddeo con E. Orlandino, Dieci lezioni di italiano B1, Alma Edizioni, Italia, Firenze 2021

What our Instructors say

“Italian has a bright future, as it resists the homogenizing effects of globalization that often erase differences and suppress originality. We believe that all forms of Italian excellence will play a vital role in the future world. We are committed to contributing to this vision. We wish everyone a wonderful experience with the Italian language!”

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ‘Italian way’ at ISI Florence.