Traveling Back in History

Rachel Rosen
Quinnipiac University
Social Media Course with Prof. Alessandro Masetti

Studying in Florence means learning about its culture and history.
There is easy access to several historical monuments, museums, and art.

Here are some tips on how to engage in Florence’s history.

Don’t let religion stop you
Italy is one of the most religious countries in the world. Therefore, there is a lot of history and stories built into every church. However, that does not mean that the art here is only significant if you follow that religion. Each piece of art tells a story and it is intriguing to see the stylistic changes throughout the centuries. Whether it’s Giotto’s start of the gothic era or the drastic differences in each Crucifix depiction. Go to the churches in Florence and really absorb the different styles and types of art depicted.

Take your time
The art and history in Florence can overwhelm you. It is common that people walk through museums fast and only look briefly at the works. A lot of content gets lost this way. When you look at a piece of art, a sculpture, or a book for long enough you can start to see deeper into it. The patches on the art pieces showing the process of painting a fresco, the veins in the David’s arm, and the damage on century-old pieces all start to become prominent. You can truly understand the period’s work and appreciate it.

It’s worth the money
Some of the ticket prices can seem expensive. However, many of them offer several different museums that you can visit over a few days. Take advantage of this. Climb the Duomo one day and visit the Baptistery the next. Also, if you want to save money, the first Sunday of every month is free! On these days you can explore all of Florence without the money constraint.


            If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to build a story of the history of Florence. Each piece of art, sculpture, book, costume etc. contributes to what Florence is today.

This is your home, enjoy and learn about it while you are here.