How to Avoid the Selfie Sticks

Roseanita Hurley
Pennsylvania State University
Social Media Course with Prof. Alessandro Masetti 

Living in Florence for a semester teaches you so many incredible life lessons, including how to visit a museum. The city is blessed with churches, galleries, and gardens, reminding us of all the history that has created it. These museums are what make up this great place, and it is very important that we take advantage of these famous institutions being in our backyard, and doing it so that we reap the most benefits. In my few months here, I have learned a thing, or two, about the tricks of navigating around these great sites.

To start things off, decide what kind of museum you would like to see, based on your interests in topics such as oil painting, fresco, sculpture, art history, architecture, or landscape. Next, do a little research on the history of that particular museum, and the layout of the displays. Some of these places have thousands of pieces of art, so if you want to see specific pieces, it is important that you know where to look.

In addition, these establishments are famous, and in many cases sacred. Be prepared to keep your voice down and show respect. In fact, I saw one woman told to wrap her sweater around her legs before entering the Uffizi Gallery, because she was wearing short pants. Be cautious: the alarm will go off if your hand gets too close to a painting and it is quite startling!

Based on experience, I would also suggest you try to visit the more well known museums, such as Uffizi and the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, during the week days and in the earlier months of the year. When the weather gets warmer, more and more visitors come to Florence, and these special places will start overflowing with selfie sticks and unpleasant crowds.

The variety of breathtaking work that lives in Florence is something that cannot be overlooked, or missed out. The first time I walked into the Uffizi, the everlasting hallway lined with sculptures and ceilings covered in painting astonished me. Upon entering Pitti Palace gardens, I thought I was in a dream. Whatever you do, make sure you experience these many masterpieces!