UCONNThe International Studies Institute is committed to helping the next generation of graduates achieve their educational goals by assisting them in being able to afford the costs of studying abroad in Italy. To further their mission, the Institute is pleased to offer a number of scholarships in cooperation with the home university Office of Education Abroad. They include:


Global All-In Scholarships

This scholarship provides financial assistance to under-represented students to help encourage diversity and participation in study abroad. Allocation is based on academic merit and financial need. (Varies from $500 – $2,500)

Diversity Grant Financial Aid

This grant was created to increase diversity in the ISI student body. Award for this grant varies in funding relative to the students unmet financial needs to study abroad. (Varies from $500 – $2,500)

Marc & Lois Tartaglia Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded to qualifying students with exceptional academic records that will most benefit from the financial reward and contribute positively to the Institute’s student body overseas. (Varies from $500 – $5,000)

The Directors’ Scholarships

Awarded at the discretion of the ISI Program Director and Associate Director of Education Abroad at Penn State to select recipients where the financial award will make a substantial difference in allowing the participant to study abroad.  The Directors will consider the applicants’ academic record, co- and extra-curricular activities, and financial needs. (Varies from $500 – $2,500)


To apply students must first complete the application to study abroad at ISI Florence for a semester program. In their application applicants must indicate that they wish to be considered for a grant or scholarship. UConn students may also contact Ms. Lauren Hills or visit the Office of Education Abroad and discuss your financial needs with the staff.