Notice: All students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arrival for the Fall 2021 semester.
Notice: All students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to arrival for the Fall 2021 semester.


Our response plan for a safe return to studying abroad

Policies and Procedures

Our Response Plan At a Glance

The covid-19 pandemic – unprecedented in recent history – has affected the world in ways that seemed unimaginable only a few months ago. And although many challenges like ahead before the world can overcome this crisis, we can all appreciate the need to look ahead and begin the path back to life before the outbreak of covid-19.

For international programs of higher education, this will require a comprehensive and responsible action plan to not only help promote and encourage participation in studying abroad, but also puts in place the policies, procedures and contingency plans to ensure that all students have a safe, healthy and rewarding study abroad experience.

With Our Plan to Restart Includes:

  • Deferred Fall Semester Start Date (Sept 18 Arrival)
  • Shortened Calendar (3 months)
  • No Visa Requirement (less than 90 days)
  • Social Distancing Guidelines (Institute & Classroom)
  • Remote Learning Contingency Plan
  • Health, Wellness & Quarantine Plan
  • Repatriation Plan
  • Revised Refund Cancellation Policies
  • Online Courses in case of Cancellation

Courses Offered

UPDATE: Online Italian Language courses of all levels to be added soon!

Social Media & Marketing Interns Wanted


Course Delivery & Assessment

Course Delivery
The courses will last for six weeks and include a combination of learning done on Zoom as well as offline learning that you can do when you want each week. Instructors will use tools that students are now familiar with: Zoom, GoogleDocs, and Moodle (which is like Canvas and Blackboard). The live portions of classes will take place on a schedule that begins at 10:00 am EST (7:00 am PST) and ends at 3:15 pm EST (12:15 pm PST). Class teaching will include: 

  • Zoom Meetings
  • Pre-recorded Lectures & Narrated PPTXs
  • Online Readings
  • Small Group Activities (Zoom break-out groups)
  • Zoom office hours
  • Mid-term & Final Exams or Projects

Grading & Assignments
Grading will vary by class but will be based on some of the following: class participation (Zoom discussions and contributions to group work), online quizzes, discussion board participation, online course journal entries, short writing assignments, mid-term/final exams, and papers or projects.

Online Now – Study Abroad Later Option

All Summer 2020 Online participants automatically qualify for enrollment in our Summer 2021 programs in either Florence, Italy (ISI Florence), or in Perugia, Italy with The Umbra Institute.

This Online Now, and Study Abroad Later initiative offers:

  • Valuable course credit for our Summer 2020 Online courses – up to 6 credits in 6 weeks;
  • Exclusive $1,500.00 Discount Voucher for the list price of Summer 2021 programs at either ISI Florence or The Umbra Institute in Perugia – Your choice;
  • Preferential enrollment in the 2021 summer programs;
  • Up to 12 credits in two summers: six online in summer 2020, and six on-site in Italy 2021;
  • 100% Optional, no obligation to participate in Summer 2021 programming, no payments due till next year, cancel anytime up to one month before!

Note: The voucher may not be combined with any other incentives and is valid only for ISI Florence or Umbra Institute programs; NOT valid for discounted (from published fees), hosted, faculty-led, or customized programs. Some restrictions may apply for international students not enrolled in an American college or university. ISI Florence cannot obtain study visas for non-US citizens.

Ready to join us this summer
and keep your study abroad dreams alive?

Program Dates and Fees


$250 per credit (limit 6 credits)

What’s Included:
Online academic Program (1 course, 3-credits or 2 courses, 6-credits), ISI Florence Transcript, Discount Voucher for $1,500.00 for Summer 2021 programs in Florence or Perugia.


All online summer courses are six (6) weeks in duration and begin on Monday, June 1st.

May 25th, MondayEnrollment Deadline/Payment Due
Week of May 25thVirtual Orientation with Coordinators
June 1st, Monday Introduction; Classes Begin
June 3rd, WednesdayLast day for drop/add
June 16th, Tuesday – June 19th, FridayMid-Term Exams or Projects
July 6th, Monday – July 10th, FridayFinal Exams or Projects Due
July 17th, Friday Grades Reported/Official ISI Transcripts Sent


Not necessarily. While these courses are designed for undergraduate students in the US university system, students and professionals from around the world* are welcome to enroll. All students must have a GPA of at least 2.75.

These classes may also be a good idea for recent high school graduates (18 or older) interested in taking a few online courses before starting their university experience.

Internships are only available to university students (18 or older) or recent graduates.

*International students must be able to prove proficiency in English.

Payment is due on or before May 25th – Classes start on June 1st.
We cannot process financial aid for you. Each student will have to contact their home university or financial aid office to determine if funds are applicable. If so, we can assist by creating a payment consortium agreement with your college or university.

Until June 1: Fees can be refunded in full.
June 2 – 5: A refund can be issued for 50% of the program fees.
After June 5: No refunds are available.

You can choose to add or drop your courses until June 3rd. You’ll have to email one of our admissions counselors to request a change to your enrollment.

Yes you can! However each university transfers credits differently and it is up to you to ensure your home school will accept our courses. Some will ask you to go through the study abroad office, others will ask you to go through your university’s Registrar. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us and we’ll work with you and your advisor to assist you through the course transfer process.

Our transcripts will provide letter grades according to the grading system used by most American universities. That said, every university will accept credit differently. We recommend that you discuss this question with one of our admissions advisors so that we can help you look into the policies applicable at your home institution.

Absolutely! You can choose if you’d like to take advantage of the voucher, or not, but we believe that study abroad is a life changing opportunity for personal and professional growth. We’re happy to help you have that experience!

Please note that the voucher can only be applied to the list price of your program of choice and cannot be combined with any other grants or scholarships offered. The voucher cannot be applied to faculty-led, discounted, or other custom programs. Also, some restrictions may apply for international students not enrolled in an American college or university.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. If you need the internship to be credit-bearing, please specify the number of credits or hours you would need in your email.

Of course! Internships not offered for credit do not have any associated fees. Internships offered for-credit will cost $250 per credit. An additional fee may apply if you need an accredited transcript. For more information, please contact our Internship Coordinator, Ashley Ipakchi at [email protected].