Faculty-Led & Customized Programs Made Easy

ISI Florence continually seeks opportunities to host faculty-led programs for visiting professors and their students. Faculty-led models vary. Some programs choose are exclusive to students from their home institution, while other choose to list their faculty-led course among the ISI offerings allowing students from other colleges and universities to participate. Whatever the needs, ISI Florence is well-equipped to host professors according to the faculty-led model required or preferred by their university.

A Better Way
ISI Florence offers a different, simpler model from the standard faculty-led program. Too often the professor has to wear many hats; they become the program’s travel agent, tour guide, and emergency contact. At ISI Florence, all bookings are done in advance by our Custom Programs team and experienced student services staff. We provide greeting and transport from the Florence airport, host a customized orientation, assist with independent travel, respond to medical needs and emergencies, and address housing issues. Professors can dedicate their time to the classroom and on-site teaching excursions, all of which are organized with ISI Florence’s assistance. Semester classes usually meet twice a week and professors are free to travel, and do research knowing there ISI Florence is there to address any and all student’s needs 27/7.

Recruitment of Students
ISI Florence will assist in recruitment. This assistance can include a personalized page for the program on our website, custom printable posters provided, online advertising, and replying to students inquiries and questions. All costs for this assistance will be borne by ISI Florence, and a further outline in an electronic promotion guide will be provided via email.

Developing a Faculty-Led Abroad Course
ISI Florence can help you find the right topic for your course. The Institute will also aid in developing the curriculum and syllabus, refining logistics, and choosing field trips that will enrich the student experience.

Co- and Extra-Curricular Options
ISI Florence offers a wide variety of site visits, field experiences, and extra-curricular activities. These include visits to local museums, businesses and government offices, guest lectures, day and weekend field trips, and cultural experiences such as language exchange, truffle hunting, cooking classes and more. We also offer chaperones services for all activities including overnight and weekend trips.

Professor Housing and Compensation
Total compensation from ISI depends on the number of students the professor brings to the program, the housing desired by the professor, and the relationship between ISI Florence and the professor’s institution. In most cases professors are compensated by their own institutions; however if the program is listed as part of the Institute’s offerings, compensation will be provided ISI Florence. Compensation estimates can be provided upon request. ISI Florence has a wide range of affordable housing solutions for professors in Florence’s historic center.

For more information on teaching at ISI Florence, please email [email protected] or proceed below to submit your proposal.


Faculty-Led Proposal Request

Interested in leading your students to study abroad in Florence, Italy? ISI Florence is ready to work with you to design the ideal summer or semester-long study abroad experience. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know the course and field trips you would like to propose using our facilities and support services. Fall and Spring semester faculty-led opportunities are also available. Our staff will contact you to draft an initial proposal together.