Peaceful City Views

Getting to my favorite place in the city is sometimes just as nice as being there. Florence is such a walkable city, I love how people hang out in piazzas and use the roads as social spaces rather than a means for a destination. Piazzale Michelangelo is across the river and up a steep hill – walking up with friends  is part of the fun.

I generally go with friends around sunset – we walk around and take in the sights, eventually finding a spot along the balcony or on the stairs to sit down and relax.
It makes me really appreciate the slow-paced aspect of Italian culture. I don’t have any worries about checking the time or rushing off to another activity. I am happiest here because I can just sit back and fully take in the moment.

I love the atmosphere of Piazzale Michelangelo. You get to watch the sunset over an amazing, breathtaking view, while surrounded by people from all over the world, with soft music playing in the background…this can truly turn any bad day into a great one.  It is nights like these that I realize how lucky I am, in Florence, experiencing this culture, and I really appreciate all of it!

Authors: Emma Matthys (Penn State), Ali Tarnow (UConn), Julia Wilson(UConn), Emma White (UConn).