Mayor of Florence shares encouraging words with study abroad programs

The Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella (Il Sindaco di Firenze) has shared  the following letter with the Directors of US study abroad programs in Florence and member institutions of the American Association of Colleges and University Programs in Italy (AACUPI).

Dear Sirs,
Following the current evolution of the new Covid-19 disease, we hereby would like to inform you about the situation in Florence.

In Italy, infections have been mainly reported in the north of the country, in particular Lombardy and Veneto. Following the first outbreaks, national and local governments have taken rapid measures in order to prevent the spread of the infection, according to the World Health Organization provisions. Since few days those measures have been demonstrating positive effects against infection risks. Florence and Tuscany in general, have only marginally been affected and just a few infections have been reported and treated according to provisions. At this time the 3 infected people are caught in the quarantine, avoiding any further spread of virus. Florence and Tuscany, in accordance with the National Government, are not areas of epidemic emergency and therefore stronger measures have not been considered.

Schools, universities, public offices, museums, cinemas and theatres are regularly managing their everyday activities. Furthermore also economic activities and young community centres are working as usual.

The City of Florence continues to follow the situation, in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. See the link:

We are also in close contact with the American Consulate general in Florence, and these are the guidelines issued by the US State Department.

Therefore, at this moment there are no risks in live and stay in Italy and in particular in Florence and Tuscany. We strongly believe that it is important to adequately communicate the current situation, in order not to spread among people unmotivated alarm, which may harm social, cultural and economic fabric of our city.


Dario Nardella

A copy of the original letter can be downloaded here: CLICK FOR COPY OF LETTER – PDF