The Hidden Gems of Florence

The Intercultural Communication Blog (Prof. Christian Tarchi)

Written by: Katherine Bellantoni, Hayley Babineau, Nicole Garger

When you first visit Florence, everyone thinks they have a list of the best places you should go. All of a sudden, anyone who has ever stepped foot in Italy is an expert. But, there’s one place that always seems to be left out…the secret bakery. Is it “secret” because it’s the best? Is it “secret” because it’s illegal? Is it “secret” because no one knows about it? You are not alone. We’ve all had these questions, but now you can have some inside information.

Yes, these are donuts with Nutella. 



  1. There are 3 secret bakeries (that we know of).
  2. They’re delicious.
  3. The illegal part is still unknown—rumor is they aren’t allowed to sell late at night.
  4. One euro for one treat.
  5. There are people in the windows making sure there aren’t too many people because otherwise the bakery will not sell to you (TRUE STORY: the owners refused to open the door one time to serve people because it was too loud—AKA be quiet!)
  6. It’s legit a hole in the wall.
  7. Supposedly there is a secret knock “knock-knock-knock pause knock-knock-knock”.
  8. They’re open from 1AM-3AM.
  9. Locals and students usually know about it.
  10. It’s the best.

Although it’s difficult to get to because of the late times, it’s worth it when you’re here in Florence. Since Italy is amazing in many ways, the secret bakeries are what put Florence over the top. Warm, fresh, out of the oven, perfection. It’s necessary to visit while you’re here.

Croissants with fresh cream

Don’t miss out! These treats are one of the top reasons Florence is the best! Ask any ISI student for more information about locations, etc.