AD Gallery in Florence unveils Professor Gloria Marco Munuera’s ‘Caritas Romana’ Exhibition.

Curated by Alberto Desirò and SRISA Gallery
Opening: November 16th, 6:00 pm

ISI Florence is pleased to announce the opening of Gloria Marco Munuera’s solo exhibition, Caritas Romana: Septem opera misericordiae, curated in collaboration with Alberto Desirò (AD Gallery).

Gloria Marco Munuera is a valued member of the ISI Florence Faculty, where she teaches ‘Introduction to Photography: Portfolio of Florence’ and ‘Introduction to Digital Photography’.

The project employs video art and photography to reflect on the concept of charity, revisiting the seven corporal works of mercy narrated in the Gospel of Matthew. Marco Munuera uses the photographic medium to recreate the pictorial style of the great masters of the seventeenth century, such as Caravaggio, Bartolomeo Manfredi, and Diego Velázquez, creating tableaux vivants representing symbolic biblical narratives like those of Saint Martin, Pero, and Samson. The photographs converge into a video that, through still frames and the use of slow motion, provides an almost static view, revealing otherwise imperceptible visual and audible details: the texture of a fabric, the interplay of light and shadows created by the flicker of a candle, the sound of trees in the wind; the flowing of water and the rustling of leaves. This combination of media challenges our perception and turns emotions like sorrow into something universal.

Gloria Marco Munuera was born in Spain. She has exhibited her works in museums and galleries in different parts of the world (Argentina, Australia, Austria, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and the United States), frequently participating in exhibitions and competitions which have earned her many awards and recognitions. Particularly known are the First Prize at the XIV National Photography Competition in Burgos (Spain), the Honorable Mention at the Culture 2008 International Competition in Madrid (Spain) and the Third Prize in the Fine Arts section in the Moscow International Foto Awards 2014 (Russia), the First Photography Award in the Portrait category at Quijotes 2017 in Toledo (Spain) and the Fourth Photography Prize at the XII Florence Biennale 2019 in Florence (Italy). In 2020 she was awarded the First Prize for Experimental Photography at the Creative Photo Awards 2020 in Siena (Italy). She currently alternates her artistic career with that of teaching photography at various universities in Florence (Italy).

Gloria Marco Munuera
Caritas Romana: Septem Opera Misericordiae

November 16th – December 10th 2023
Mon-Fri 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Free entrance
SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art – Santa Reparata International School of Art
Via San Gallo 53/R, 50129 Firenze