Information for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 Applicants

After weeks of being cooped up at home, we can appreciate everyone’s desire to get back with friends and family, return to work and school, and yes, study abroad. However, as fall 2020 study abroad application deadlines at many universities loom, it is understandable that students may have some questions regarding the upcoming semester in Italy. And for those of you who had their dreams of studying in Italy unexpectedly canceled this summer, we have some incentives for you with our deferral grants for summer 2021. Contact us for more information.

Below are some FAQs which will help provide guidance for students already accepted and committed for the next Fall session at ISI Florence, as well as those still wishing to apply. We encourage all students to join us in one of our online INFO SESSIONS where you will be able to chat with one of our admission specialists and ask questions to help you prepare for the fall.

Important Note: The information on this page is specific to ISI Florence. It is important that you also communicate with your university’s study abroad office regarding any questions you may have, including those related to deadlines, deposits, and flights.

I was accepted to the summer 2020 program but it was cancelled, are there other options?

Yes! ISI Florence has established deferral scholarships for all summer 2020 applicants to attend the summer 2021 program. We also have incentives for summer applicants that would like to join us for the fall semester 2020. Contact us for details.

Is the Fall 2020 Semester running?

Absolutely! The Fall Semester is set to run as scheduled. We fully expect that the start of the fall semester, which is months away, will not be affected by the current health emergency. And at ISI we cannot think of a better way to recommence classes than by studying abroad in Italy. We thus look forward to welcoming students back to Florence by late August. We have special scholarships and grants for all fall semester applicants. Join our info session for details.

Can I still apply?

Certainly. ISI Florence will be accepting applications until June 15th. All non-EU students will require a study visa for the semester. This deadline will allow us enough time to send you documents for your visa and to guide you through the related application process. It is important that you also check with your home school regarding their Fall Semester application deadlines and policies.

When should I get my visa?

As soon as convenient. We suggest that you immediately access your consulate’s visa appointment scheduling system and set an appointment for late July or the first week of August. There should be little if any waiting list for getting a visa for this Fall. The Italian embassy and consulates in the US are ready to schedule appointments without delay; the entire process can take between 2-4 weeks. We urge you to take advantage of this expedited timeline! Click here to contact your local Italian Consulate

Is it safe for me to study in Italy?

ISI Florence will not activate programs until the State Department Advisory is lowered to Level 2. This would mean that a wide variety of factors have been considered and – as a result – US authorities such as the State Department and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have deemed it safe to live and study in Italy, particularly for young adults.

Although coronavirus has been widely reported to pose a minimal risk for those under 40, and especially young adults, each student should feel comfortable studying abroad. ISI Florence and its superb student services staff are on-call 24/7 to ensure that students and families feel confident in remaining healthy and safe while in Italy.

What if I decide to cancel?

ISI Florence is fully aware of the current unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we have eliminated all cancellation fees up to two weeks before the Fall Semester begins. Students and parents can feel confident in preparing their study abroad experience this Fall with the added security of being able to cancel without any financial commitment. Note: Students should always refer to their home institution to confirm any deadline or billing-related extensions that will take precedence.

When should I book my flight?

You are encouraged to proceed as planned in preparing for your study abroad experience. Airline fares are probably quite low at this time; so you may want to book your flight now before fees rise. That said, you are welcome to wait until July or even early August to book your flights so that you have more time to watch the global situation develop.

Note: We do advise that you purchase trip insurance that could cover any potential need to cancel or reschedule your flights, regardless of which semester you plan to study in Italy. In all scenarios where you book flights for a long-term stay, trip insurance can be a good idea; for example, some past students have used trip insurance to return home early for a family emergency. When reviewing insurance options, just make sure that you read the fine print.

I have more questions; can I speak to someone?

If you or anyone else you are processing this decision with have further questions, please reach out to your admission counselors in our US offices at [email protected] They will contact you to arrange a time to chat with you by phone or Skype, so as to assist you through the entire process. Students are also encouraged to join one of our online info sessions – CLICK HERE TO ATTEND.