Faculty News: Prof. Munuera’s Photography

Our photography instructor, Prof. Gloria Marco Munuera, recently participated in the Florence Biennale and received the 4th Photography Prize for the work Cenacolo; Motus est Anima.

Cenacolo; Motus est Anima is a photographic ‘mise-en-scène’ (French; “placing on stage”) of the Apostles’ consternation during the last supper. The work depicts the Apostles’ hands and their reaction to the announcement of the imminent betrayal of Jesus.
The work resembles Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomic studies through the use of light in a sort of painterly ‘chiaroscuro’: a single light-box made of many independent box-units that show the Apostles’ hands in different time frames, like in a film. The images emanate light from the inside as a dichotomy where light versus shade symbolizes good versus evil and truth versus treason.

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