A Talk by Professor Tini on Inclusive E-Commerce

Tiziana Tini, fashion marketing professor at ISI Florence, will participate in the Web Marketing Festival with a lecture on the relation between E-Commerce and disabilities in order to promote a more inclusive access to the Internet.

The Web Marketing Festival, in its 4th edition this year, is dedicated to training and innovation where research, technology, genius, creativity, and business represent fundamental elements for the construction and development of a fair and inclusive society. This year it will be entirely held online on November 19, 20, 21.

Professor Tini’s talk, titled “New Technologies, old habits? E-business inclusivo VS le barriere architettoniche dell’e-commerce” (ENG. New Technologies, old habits? Inclusive E-Business VS architectural barriers in E-Commerce), will be delivered in Italian on November, 19 at 11:15 AM.


Voice assistants, artificial intelligence, User Experience optimization. Is it all as smart as it sounds? New technologies and small tricks are already available for many people. So which innovations should become more inclusive? E-commerce perpetuates physical barriers: which are the best practices for a more inclusive Internet experience? From gaming to fashion, Tini will discuss thoughts and provide examples of new e-abilities.

“So why did you choose to talk about this topic?” When we asked, Tiziana Tini explained that she is interested in digital inclusion, after realizing that the off-line world still perpetuates architectural barriers. The Internet was created as a free world, but nothing can be free if it is not accessible to all human beings, thus including those with special needs as well as those who are defined as socially skilled. “I always tell myself: each one of us carries their own disability!”


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