VART 430 – Introduction to Digital Photography

  • Discipline(s): Fine Arts

  • Credits: 3

  • Available: summer session one 2024, summer session two 2024

  • Instructor: Gloria Marco Munuera, Ph.D.

This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills and basic techniques of shooting color and black and white images with digital cameras. Special emphasis is placed upon aesthetic and visual concerns as well as presentation and craftsmanship. The course bases itself on the understanding and operation of the camera, manual exposure, composition, studio lighting and basic image correction through Adobe Photoshop.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course students should be able to:

– Know how to use a DSLR camera in Manual mode.
– Know how to correct an image through Adobe Photoshop software.
– Develop and understand the compositional skills of the photographic language.
– Acquire a critical eye and master the language of photography.
– Produce a professional portfolio.

Required Material
A digital camera of at least 5.0 mega pixels with an optical zoom lens 3X or more is required. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to have a DSLR camera which functions in manual mode. It is also recommended to have a laptop computer with Adobe Photoshop installed.
The estimated cost for the entire course (considering all materials and lab expenses) is approx. 35 euros.

Students must be equipped with:
− Digital camera (it is recommended to have a DSLR)
− Camera USB cable
− Memory card (4 G card is suggested)
− Card reader compatible with your camera
− Battery charger and an extra battery for your camera
− Laptop computer with Adobe Photoshop
− External hard disk or USB of good capacity
− Matting cardboard for final portfolio (to be bought on-site)

Course descriptions may be subject to occasional minor modifications at the discretion of the instructor.

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