A night at the opera

The start of the semester saw ISI students heading in well-dressed and excited droves to the Teatro Comunale for a showing of Verdi’s famous opera, Nabucco, on the 28th of January. Ready for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience, students filed into their platea seats, eager to experience the spectacle that is opera, born and nurtured here in Florence. Nabucco tells the tale of war-stricken Judah, conquered by Assyrian king Nabucco, who claims himself a God. When he is punished for his arrogance, daughters Abigail and Fenena find themselves in a struggle for throne and safety, one pushing for eradication of the Jews and the other newly converted to the faith of her beloved. The one staged by Leo Muscato was a dramatic production of brilliant music and acting, enjoyed immensely by our students and staff. We hope that more students will seek out opportunities to attend other operas and concerts at the Teatro Comunale and other theaters around the city!