Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered

A genius immortalized her. A king paid a fortune for her. Poets lauded her. Millions trek to the Louvre to see her image. No face has ever captivated so many for so long, but who was the real woman in Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic portrait?

Best-selling author Dianne Hales spent three years researching and writing “Mona Lisa: A Life Discovered”, her acclaimed new book on the life of Mona (Madame) Lisa Gherardini del Giocondo. On October 7, Hales shared her fascinating findings at a presentation in Palazzo Rucellai. Adding their expertise and insight were noted scholars Ludovica Sebregondi, scientific director of exhibits at the Palazzo Strozzi, and Lisa Kaborycha, author of “A Short History of Renaissance Italy”. The interesting and informative evening provided an opportunity, not only to learn about the real Mona Lisa, but also to explore a little-known chapter of Florentine history.