Machiavelli 2021. On leadership, visual thinking, and innovation

An international online discussion on Machiavelli today

About this event

Who is Machiavelli today? How do we approach his work? Why is his theory of government still crucial to the understanding of contemporary politics, economy, and culture? In this online event, sponsored by Italian Innovators in collaboration with ISI Florence, scholars and historians of the 16th-century Florentine writer assess the present impact of his philosophical, theatrical, and political ideas and dialogue with his work on such issues as leadership, visual thinking, and innovation.

Schedule of events (3-5pm)

Introductory remarks
Luca Cottini, Villanova University, host & creator of Italian Innovators

“Machiavelli: A man for all seasons.” Stefano Baldassarri, director of ISI Florence
“The secretary in charge: Machiavelli on leadership.” Christopher Celenza, Johns Hopkins University
“The faces we wear: Machiavelli on stage.” Katie Robiadek, Hood College
“Having pissed in many a snowdrift” (Mandragola, I.2): Tracking Machiavelli in the Archives” William Connell, Seton Hall University
“Machiavelli as a graphic novel character?” Simone Testa, ISI Florence, and  Marco De Luca, graphic designer

Open discussion

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