Live Drawings Exhibition

On April 14 the ISI Florence Spring 2018 Drawing Class, taught by Prof. Tiziano Lucchesi, traveled to Montecatini Terme (Tuscany) for an exhibition of our final works. The show was a part of the event “Disegni ANIMAti” hosted by the Comune di Montecatini Terme and Frida Onlus, an organization that deals with eating disorders.

As a class we chose to focus on hands as the subject matter of our drawings. Often the position of the hands has a common meaning across cultures, and we can understand another person’s thoughts or feelings simply by how they use their hands. Each of us created a 50 x 70 cm pencil drawing with this concept in mind. We enjoyed working with this excellent organization and we hope our drawings were both inspiring and comforting to the audience.

Margaret Veldman (UVA)