Lastraioli’s Lute Was Here

In late June 2016 Maestro Gian Luca Lastraioli’s Lute Masterclass was held for the second consecutive year on the wonderful premises of Palazzo Rucellai, ISI Florence’s main seat.

Some successful novelties were introduced in this iteration. The most significant was a special emphasis placed on the Basso Continuo session, organized by Maestro Lastraioli as an enthralling workshop during which each participant shared her/his skills and was guided in order to contribute to the success of the group’s collective performances.

Once again, Gian Luca’s incredible competence, enthusiasm, and energy made the experience unique. The musicians, who enjoy the privilege to play in the European Orchestra under Maestro Lastraioli’s direction, know how Gian Luca’s brilliant and sophisticated knowledge can be equated only by his ability to make difficult things easy.

Last but not least, if the wonderful ancient rooms of Palazzo Rucellai resonated once again with the notes of the most famous Renaissance and Baroque composers, special thanks go to Professor Stefano Baldassarri, ISI Florence director, whose kindness and hospitality have been one of the main ‘ingredients’ of this successful event, and to all the ISI Florence staff for their invaluable help and warm welcome!

Prof. Rita Comanducci, Ph.D. (ISI Florence Faculty)