Is a new Renaissance possible?

For three consecutive days (May 7-9, 2013), ISI Florence will host the International Symposium on music, dance and theater, Renaissance Then and Now: Patronage and Models for the Performing Arts in the New Millennium. Scholars from American and Italian universities (including UVA, NYU, Harvard, the University of California, Università di Firenze, Università Cattolica di Milano and, of course, ISI Florence) will lecture on the performing arts in the Renaissance and the performing arts today. The symposium also includes three exclusive performances open to the general public and a classical music concert, a contemporary dance show, and a play by the illustrious Italian actor Giorgio Albertazzi. On Wednesday afternoon May 8, a roundtable will bring together specialists from all over Italy to investigate the state of the arts on promoting and financing the performing arts. All the events of the Renaissance Then and Now symposium are part of the week-long Festival d’Europa (May 6-12, 2013) organized by the Fondazione Sistema Toscana and the European University Institute. To learn more about the conference (full program, roundtable, performances, sponsors, and registration) please check the specially-constructed website at