Great news for LGBTQ+ rights in Florence!

The City of Florence town council has formed an official working committee to fight against all forms of discrimination and for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Joining the City’s efforts are the numerous LBGTQ+ associations of Tuscany including ARCIGAY Firenze, AGEDO (Italy’s version of PFLAG), Intersex Collective, the Equal Rights Lawyer’s committee, as well as others.

For the first time we have an official committee working for the LGBTQ+ community of Florence,” explains Donata Bianchi, the president of the city’s equal rights commission. “It is a proposal that I have strongly encouraged as per the need of the numerous associations active in Florence. I am convinced of a positive outcome and the bonds that we will be creating. […] These committees are a point of reference for the institutions thanks to their ability to foster exchange and act as a stimulus for diversity.”

Historically, Florence has always been a progressive and tolerant city. In fact, one could say that the very first gay rights protest was held here in 1512, when a group of 30 young aristocrats charged into the local City Hall, forcing a senior justice official to resign and demanding that the Florentine council revoke the sentences of all those who had been exiled or deprived of office for sodomy. In 1971, Italy’s first gay club, Tabasco, opened right off Piazza Signoria. This club is now closed but Florence offers many other venues and events catering to the LGBTQ+ community*.

ISI Florence embraces this new committee and hopes its LGBTQ+ students will feel even more welcome and included in local city life.

*For a full list of resources, check out the ISI Florence APP in the section “Queer Florence” or just ask any member of staff.