The FLR – The Florentine Literary Review – issue 3

Sacred / Sacro

Is anything SACRED any more? This is one of the questions that Italy’s contemporary writers address through poetry and prose in the third edition of TheFLR. The Florentine Literary Review. Take a walk into a SACRED wood of meanings and meanderings between life and death, which have little to do with the dictionary definition of religion—things don’t go so well for the men and women of the cloth in this magazine—and much to do with spiritual bonds and a sense of belonging. This is an edition embellished with jumble, often nocturnal vegetation, “polluted screens”, but it also shines brightly with exploding stars and constellations. Meet sisters and brothers in a violent maternal nightmare, Artificial Intelligence which deprograms unexpectedly as if in theological fiction, a gardener God who’s in love, a tour guide irritated by an impertinent posh lady, a Reverend from the south who roams a horrifying scene, and two colleagues who discuss “Newspeaks” at lunch, after the earth has moved.

TheFLR – The Florentine Literary Review is a bilingual magazine in Italian and English featuring engaging and entertaining short stories, plus two collectible poems. Tales and verses by Italian authors will be published for the first time alongside the finest English translations. A further layer of interpretation is provided by the illustrations commissioned for each issue from a contemporary artist.

Directed by Alessandro Raveggi (ISI Florence, Ph.D.)
Illustrations by Giada Fuccelli
Translations Johanna Bishop
EDITORIAL BOARD Martino Baldi, Luca Baldoni, Diego Bertelli, Raoul Bruni, Helen Farrell, Giuseppe Girimonti Greco, Gianni Montieri, Daniele Pasquini, Alice Pisu, Vanni Santoni, Niccolò Scaffai.

Issue 3 was released thanks to the support of
ISI Florence – International Studies Institute and Gonzaga University in Florence.

10 copies – €85
20 copies – €160

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