ISI Florence offers a comprehensive health & safety orientation that spans from pre-departure materials to arrival orientation. The Institute maintains a 24/7 emergency support number that students can call from Florence or during their independent travel. Our team can also provide the contact details for local, English-speaking medical professionals.

Study abroad is short and your mental health is important. For this reason, ISI Florence works with local, English-speaking counselors and therapists and provides their contact details to students during orientation. You can consult them for anything from culture shock and homesickness to more long-standing concerns that you’re experiencing.

When it comes to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, ISI Florence keeps close track of updates, restrictions, and requirements constantly evolving pandemic-related restrictions and requirements. We inform students of current rules as they relate to travel and their overall time in Florence as part of pre-departure and arrival orientation sessions. In addition, ISI Florence notifies students by email of any significant changes that impact their study abroad after arrival.

IMPORTANT: All students are REQUIRED TO HAVE VALID INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE. Often this is provided by the student’s home university but in cases in which a student must purchase insurance independently, they must purchase a supplemental international health insurance plan – as domestic plans do not provide the full range of coverage required while abroad for long periods.