Dancing in Florence!

The UCSB Dance Company enjoyed a warm welcome from the International Studies Institute and the Florence Dance Center during their tour to Italy this year!  The company was able to offer Master Classes at several dance schools in Florence, teaching contemporary jazz and hip-hop to students of various ages. Artistic Director Delila Moseley and Professor Emerita Alice Condodina had an extremely intriguing and positive meeting with Antonio Vanni and Elisabetta Santanni of the “Accademia Europea di Firenze” regarding future collaborations with the University of California, Santa Barbara. The residency in Florence culminated in a final Master Class and a performance by the UCSB Dance Company at the Florence Dance Center, hosted by Marga Nativo.
The directors, hosts, and dancers enjoyed mingling at a post-performance reception. Our Florence hosts were warm, welcoming, and open to discussing possible projects involving the UCSB Dance Company and the University of California. A special thank you to Irene Schiatti, ISI Florence Special Programs Coordinator, for her incomparable facilitation of all the interactions and events!

Delila Moseley
Artistic Director, UCSB Dance Company
University of California, Santa Barbara