BUS 450 – Business Research and Management Consulting

  • Discipline(s): Business & Marketing

  • Credits: 3

  • Instructor: Thomas Brownlees, M.Sc.

This course is designed to transform students into active members of the Florentine business community by joining 440 Industries, a local consultancy firm committed to helping local businesses tackle global challenges. Through this course students will be able to assist local Italian companies in solving real-life problems in the areas of management, marketing and finance. Students will be able to interact personally with business owners, entrepreneurs and managers working in areas of Italian excellence such as innovation and digital technologies, arts and cultural heritage, hospitality and event management. The course addresses topics pertaining to strategic management and management consulting. Also, it provides the opportunity for direct application to real-life case scenarios, thus allowing participants to develop business analysis and decision-making skills.

Course descriptions may be subject to occasional minor modifications at the discretion of the instructor.

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