BUS 420 – Brand Management: Made in Italy

  • Discipline(s): Business & Marketing

  • Credits: 3

  • Available: fall semester 2024, spring semester 2025

  • Instructor: Thomas Brownlees, M.Sc.

Brand management is undergoing a transformation. Today’s customers are surrounded by alternatives every step of the way. Relevant brands need to stand up, get the customer’s attention, and deliver the message their public wants to hear. The framework approaches branding from the perspective of the consumer; it is called customer-based brand equity. This course will explore the brand management strategies, paying particularly attention to Italian brands. The scope is to provide tactical guidelines about how to build, measure, and manage brand equity.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course students will be able to:
– Understand and Learn to Develop Brand DNA
– Understand the differences in Product and Service Branding
– Understand the concept of Brand Equity and the challenges in building and measuring Brand Equity.
– Recognize how companies belonging to various industrial sectors operate and interact on the market
– Assess the impact of innovation and new technologies on competitiveness, as well as assess constraints and opportunities of regulatory provisions related to the creation, production, promotion and sale of goods and services.

Course descriptions may be subject to occasional minor modifications at the discretion of the instructor.

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