Community Engagement

Tour Guide Opportunities



Do you have a passion for art history and an aptitude for leading groups? Take your chance to become an English-speaking tour guide in “Palazzo Vecchio” or in the main Florentine churches.




Volunteer tour guide for the City Hall (Palazzo Vecchio) Museum
Volunteer tour guide for Ars et Fides Association

Journalism Opportunities

Journalism opp 

Participate in Florentine events and write about them. Manage web spaces and post articles and comments on different current events.




The Flo'n the Go info and news on the web
Volunteer for The Florenzine


Volunteering and Fundraising


If you are keen on helping those in need, check the options below for volunteering.





Volunteer for St. James’ Church
I Ragazzi di Sipario Co-operative
Oxfam Italia NGO
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. (RMHC) in Florence


Education & Sports



If you are enthusiastic about working with children, think about teaching English or sports to Italian kids.





Teaching assistance in local schools
Assistant coach for the children's baseball teams


Micellaneous Interdisciplinary Experience



Make your contribution to keep the city clean or update its myriad libraries. You might also participate in the Florence community by pitching in at the Synagogue.




Opportunities at the Synagogue
Angeli del Bello Association
Librarian at Palazzo Strozzi/Palazzo Pitti