Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

A community is what you make of it. At ISI Florence, students are encouraged to dig deep into their adopted home, dissolving the false boundary between “engaged student” and “engaged citizen.” We believe engaged students make better citizens and vice versa. Community Engagement at ISI Florence offers U.S. students an unprecedented opportunity to connect with Italians and integrate themselves into the local community, receiving course credit and an invaluable cross-cultural learning experience.


VolunteeringCommunity Engagement

As part of our initiatives to help students gain valuable cross-cultural experience in an international environment, we promote many opportunities for volunteer work and service learning experiences in Florence. These projects give students hands-on experience and an extraordinary out-of-classroom exposure to culture, language, and people. Fields of experience are offered in education, journalism, environmental care, museum guiding, fundraising for non-profit organizations, and much more. Click for the full listing. 


Activities & Events


Student Services includes organizing different cultural activities around Florence. These activities are optional but recommended, as they will help you get involved in Italian and Florentine lifestyle.  They include cooking lessons, aperitivos with international and Italian students, playing in Florence-wide soccer tournaments, going to the opera, participating in a 10K charity run/walk, attending local fairs, food tastings of all sorts and more. New activities are introduced throughout the semester according to what’s happening in town. Find out more!