David Marini, Laurea/Masters

mariniCoordinator of the Italian Language Program

Courses Taught at the Institute
The Florence Experience I: Beginning Italian I
The Florence Experience II: Beginning Italian II
The Florence Experience III: Intermediate Italian I
The Florence Experience IV: Intermediate Italian II
The Florence Experience V: Advanced Italian


PhD Dissertator in Italian Literature, University of Connecticut, Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Tentative Dissertation Title: Vincenzo Consolo and The Lough of the Unknown Mariner. A Sicilian between Dante and Heidegger.
M.A. at The School of Psychoanalytic Counseling, Florence, 2013.
Certificate for teaching Italian as a Foreign Language – DITALS, Università per Stranieri di Siena, October 2008.
Master of Arts, University of Connecticut, Department of Modern and Classical Languages, USA, 2005.
Laurea in Philosophy, University of Florence, Italy, 1997. Dissertation Title: Isaiah Berlin and the Pluralism of Values.


Relevant Projects / Publications
– Currently one of several authors writing an Italian language book for beginners and implementing the latest research for higher education specifically for American students. To be published by University Florentine Press in December 2014.
– Counselling e il nuovo status del docente di lingua. Esperienze nell’insegnamento dell’italiano in classi monolingui anglofone. (Pubblicato nel 2013 da: Voyages. Rethinking Nature and Its Espressions. (Gonzaga University in Florence).
– Berlin e il suo inconsapevole Machiavelli “controcorrente”. tentativo di isolare filosoficamente il nucleo centrale de Il Principe. Published by The Carla Rossi Academy Press. (2008)
– La violenza e la frode, la metafora della porta: suggestioni dantesche ne ‘Il sorriso dell’ignoto marinaio’ di Vincenzo Consolo, in «Sotto il velame. Rivista di studi danteschi». (2007)
– “Isaiah Berlin e l’idea di totalitarismo”, in «I quaderni di Fare Storia. Rivista dell’Istituto storico di Pistoia». (2003)
– “Percorsi Danteschi: Il sorriso dell’ignoto marinaio di Vincenzo Consolo e il viaggio di conoscenza di Dante”, in «Sotto il velame. Rivista di studi danteschi». (2003)
– “L’albergo delle tre rose, di Augusto De Angelis”, in «Delitti di carta». (2003)
– Training and Specialization Course in Counseling. A three year course, with internship (teaching oriented), and dissertation. Completed first year.


Teaching Philosophy
I personally believe that a good way to learn a second language, is to forget you are learning, because you are actually using the target language. Therefore, above all, I value interaction at personal level in all of my classes, and with all of my students. It is a tough task, and it is not always possible, but we (me and my students) try.


Most Rewarding Moments
When students create situations of spontaneous interaction in Italian with the teacher and among themselves.

Favorite Quote

“Non chiederci la parola che squadri da ogni lato / l’animo nostro informe…” (Do not ask us for the word to square our shapeless soul), Eugenio Montale, Ossi di Seppia.