Two Perspectives

When walking between the immense buildings towering over you, one can get lost among the waves of people. The momentum of the city overwhelms and excites you. You’re one of thousands that roam the streets everyday, sharing a common identity as residents of the city of Florence. You feel insignificant, surrounded by the rich history and culture. The language and gestures you hear and see are unfamiliar. It’s easy to get lost, but you’ll always find yourself.

Sitting at the top of Piazzale Michelangelo, the view from above counteracts the bustling city within. Taking on a new perspective evokes a sense of calmness and inner peace. The city seems so far, serving as a disconnection from the chaos. Disbelief overcomes you, as you can’t imagine yourself being within when you’re without. Take a minute. Take an hour. Take your time. While letting yourself settle, your personal identity reemerges. Looking over the city, it is as if the waters have calmed. It is the step back you needed to appreciate both worlds. Luckily, you can experience both.

Written by: Jaclyn Battaglia, Elizabeth Dana, and Scott Jones (UConn)