Refund Policy


All applicants that are accepted into the program and confirm participation are subject to the following withdrawal and refund policies unless otherwise agreed upon with your home college or university. Note: These policies are only relevant to fees charged by the Institute and may vary from your home institution. Students are encouraged to consulate their university’s study abroad office regarding their refund policies for study abroad with ISI Florence.


Students that withdraw more 75 days of the arrival day will receive a FULL-REFUND. For students that withdraw within 75 days of the arrival day, the following fees will be applied (Housing fees are non-refundable under any circumstances):

Semester Programs
Withdrawal fee $975.00 plus a housing fee $ 3,325.00 for the semester
(Total: $4,300.00)

Summer Programs
Withdrawal fee $ 950.00 plus a housing fee $1,500.00 for the summer sessions
(Total: $2,450.00)

Housing is secured in advance of each semester and fees are paid in full and are non-refundable under any circumstances.


Semester Programs
For students that withdraw after arrival during a semester program the following refund policies will apply:

During the 1st week of arrival: 50% Refunded
During the 2nd week of arrival: 35% Refunded
During the 3rd week of arrival: 20% Refunded
After the 3rd week: No Refunds

Summer and Short-Term Programs
There are NO REFUNDS after arrival for summer sessions and non-semester programs.