Asia Giudici

Born and raised in Florence, Asia received her degree in foreign languages, studying English and Finnish.

During high school, Asia was lucky enough to study abroad for a year and lived with a family in Hungary living the exchange student experience firsthand. In university, she participated in summer programs in Finland where she interacted with students from all over the world.

Before working at ISI, Asia had many odd jobs, from working in cinemas to babysitting.

During spring and summer, she spends her weekends in nature in Mugello or gallivants around Europe.

She is fond of sci-fi and fantasy novels as well as movies, so swing by to ask her about her favorites! If you’re in the mood for a book or a movie, she’ll tell you all about the English language bookshops in Florence as well as any English language movies showing that week.

If you really have time to kill, ask her about her D&D campaign, but be advised that she might hold you hostage for hours.