One Cultural Feature I Wish To Make Mine

One cultural feature I would make mine is the Italian pace of life. Over these past few months, I have experienced a slower pace of life compared to America where things are generally more rushed and people walk quicker in the streets because they want to make it to their next activity. In Italy most people walk leisurely down the street and take the time to talk to people. The first few weeks, I actually found it a little annoying. I’m used to walking quickly and I had to walk slower behind the Italians on the street. The first time to class, I remember having to walk through a piazza where there were tons of people gathered, talking to each other. Now, I enjoy having to walk slower to class and seeing everyone taking the time to actually catch up and talk to each other. I can actually enjoy the moment and the beautiful surroundings of Florence.

The slower pace of life is also evident in restaurants. In the U.S., there are more fast food restaurants, because people cannot take the time to sit down to appreciate their food. In Italy, people spend a longer time eating in restaurants. There are multiple courses for each meal. People generally stay even after they finish their food, enjoying a cappuccino and each other’s company. The restaurant staff is not in a rush to get the customers out of the restaurant. You have to ask for the check, unlike in America where they bring the check as soon as you finish your food. Most restaurants our family-owned and they consider their restaurant to be a home and their customers to be guests in their home. I really enjoy the atmosphere of the restaurants here.


Authors:  Jami Zolotor (UConn), Abby Haslett (Penn State), and Meghan Reinhardt (Penn State).