Machiavelli and Human Bonds: Gabrielle Pedullà’s latest book

All the seats in Aula San Giovanni at Palazzo Rucellai were taken on March 13th as ISI Florence director Stefano Baldassarri and Prof. Andrea Zorzi (Università di Firenze) presented “On Niccolò Machiavelli. The Bonds of Politics” (Columbia University Press, 2023), the latest book by Prof. Gabriele Pedullà (Università di Roma Tre). Professor of Italian literature, novelist, and film critic, Prof. Pedullà is the author of several important studies on Machiavelli, especially on his interpretation of the ancient Roman republic as a potential model for Renaissance Florence.

In their presentation (co-sponsored by The International Machiavelli Society, ISI Florence, and the Università di Firenze), Prof. Baldassarri and Prof. Zorzi highlighted the many merits of this clear, precise, and well-balanced introduction to Machiavelli’s life, thought, and works. In addition to an insightful analysis of Machiavelli’s writings and their literary genre, Pedullà provides up-to-date bibliography and a most useful overview of the many different readings of this famous, complex, and sometimes perplexing figure that have been offered from the 16th century to the present. To purchase the book, click here.