IARCH 410A – Interior Architecture Studio VII

  • Discipline(s): Architecture & Historic Preservation, Interior Architecture

  • Credits: 5

  • Available: fall semester 2024

  • Instructor: Franco Pisani, M.Arch., Licensed Architect, Stefano Corazzini, M.A.

Designing in the built environment.
Interior Architecture Studio VII specific focus is the creation of innovative and exciting interior solutions primarily through the adaptation and spatial manipulation of existing buildings and through this, necessarily, develop a true inter-disciplinary approach.
The Interior Architecture Studio VII promotes a critical approach to design in the built environment by shaping and repurposing interiors for both private and public use.
Students will be exposed to the theories that inform the creation of both utility and beauty and master the practical craft and technical dexterity required to fully realize design ideas.
Light, color, texture and form together with the more tactile aspects of design will reinforce the process of envisioning and creating delightful and practical interiors. This will include consideration of the non-visual, haptic and auditory senses in making interiors that fully embrace all users.
The course implicitly embeds the issues of sustainability, reuse, recycling, refurbishment, detailing of components and promoting materiality that is drawn from, or selected from, renewable and sustainable sources.
The core aim is to ensure that students are fully prepared to, creatively but sensitively, respond to the real design challenges that constantly emerge within the built environment.
The course provide students with a unique insight and ability to practice in a variety of areas of design; including Interior Design, exhibition design, set and lighting design, retail and product design, interior conservation as well as multidisciplinary and traditional design practice.
We will not choose wall-papers, curtains or furniture, we will not “decorate” rooms in order to give them a particular appeal, we will shape interior spaces in order to make them better serve updated needs.
This studio will focus on the possibility offered by the use of architectural tools applied to the re-shape of interior spaces.
From residential to retail spaces, from installations to refurbishments, we will experience the process of analysis of the needs, the development of concepts, the design of the solutions and the presentation to the clients.

The studio aims to promote a clear and unambiguous approach to the making of contemporary interior architecture and design from a theoretical and practical standpoint.
The student will develop a range of transferable skills in the field of design in the built environment and with this, autonomy as a designer/thinker.
Students will learn through design the following abilities:
_analyze potentiality and qualities offered by spaces,
_approach critically and develop expertise in interior architecture, in site analysis, basic programming, diagramming and design,
_synthesize culture, technology, and design in a final project that demonstrates mastery of skills,
_develop a rigorous formal and theoretical method.
_understand Italian environmental and urban conditions, related to space re-modeling and re-furbishing.
Completing the assignments, the student will gain all tools and skills needed to design, communicate, evaluate and coordinate the process of the refurbishment of an interior space.

During orientation at the Institute, students will receive a list of textbooks and/or course readers they are required to purchase. Students should not purchase any texts before orientation.

Course descriptions may be subject to occasional minor modifications at the discretion of the instructor.

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