CDES 3106 Branding Design

  • Discipline(s): Design Communication

  • Credits: 3

  • Available: fall semester 2024, spring semester 2025

  • Instructor: Silvia Agozzino

  • Course Type: Fine Arts

  • Prerequisite: Advance knowledge of Adobe Suite. Graphic Design Major or Minor.

  • Taught in: English

Course Description
What does branding represent to designers and what does it convey to people? In graphic design practice, we engage with a great number of variables, such as typography, color, layout, scale, and format. How does the designer mediate and develop systems—or identities—that are driven by the unique traits and needs of the entity or client? How can design directly address the personality and sensibilities of “something” (a space, a place, a political movement…). The contemporary branding landscape demands a new kind of system due to the multitude of formats, outputs, and sites in which branding is present. Today’s designers are tasked with striking a balance in order to maintain consistency within modular and flexible systems. They are also assigned with trying to distinguish the – sometimes confusing line – between ordinary opinion and Branding Design/marketing by pushing it closer to cultural identity.

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