Conference: Medieval Charm

A group of expert scholars from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines gathered at Palazzo Rucellai to consider the subject of luxury production of illuminated manuscripts. The international conference took place on October 20, 2015 dedicating the day to presentations that broadened approaches to understanding the making and function of the illuminated book during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Director Stefano Baldassarri moderated the proceedings and offered commentary that helped to provide a context for the talks. Also participating from the ISI Florence family was Dr Francesca Marini, who with the Director and Dr Florence Moly, organized the conference. Dr Giovanna Lazzi of the Biblioteca Riccardiana began the day’s work with a keynote speech, followed by presentations of research varying from studies of individual patronage to particular texts and codices. The welcome participation of the Dutch University Institute, with Dr Gert Jan van der Smann chairing the first session, also added to the success of the conference. A large public attentively followed the four sessions, attesting a clear enthusiasm for the topic and participating in a lively exchange of ideas at the end of the day.

Conference Program 

Bette Talvacchia (University of Oklahoma)