September 12, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Europe/Rome Timezone

Italians and Tuscans especially take great pride in baked goods, in particular breads that have hundreds of years of heritage attached to every crumb.

Despite its small size, Florence is brimming with bakery shops on every corner. This little tour is designed to help you find the finest, most artisan and true-to-tradition baked goods in the historic center, around the Sant’Ambrogio area.

We will try 3 different varieties of La Schiacciata – literally meaning “squashed”. This flat bread, which could be considered the Tuscan version of focaccia, is what carb dreams are made of. It is the only bread with a distinct flavor you will find in Tuscany. Why? Tuscan bread is generally made without salt or oil for historical reasons. La Schiacciata instead is an oily, salty, crunchy & soft piece of heaven. Traditionally this was seen as a sort of “merenda” snack for schoolchildren, so embrace your inner Tuscan child with an old school merenda of schiacciata!