YALE Alumni @Rucellai

On Thursday, March 16, 2017, a diverse group of Yale alumni traveling through Tuscany, Umbria, and Rome visited Palazzo Rucellai in the late afternoon. On Yale Masters’ Tour of Italy, led by Prof. Harvey Goldblatt, the group was looking forward to seeing one of the first Renaissance palaces designed by Leon Battista Alberti. They were also excited to hear more about its history and the Rucellai family, who still inhabits part of the building. The group’s high hopes were met by Prof. Stefano Baldassarri’s expert knowledge and charm, which made the tour peppered with curious historical details most pleasing. After a stellar Italian history lecture by Prof. Goldblatt, the visit ended on a convivial note with refreshments and finger food. Yale’s alumni thoroughly enjoyed their visit, and they remember it as one of the highlights of their tour. The organizers of Yale’s Masters’ Tour of Italy, Via Antiqua Travel, thank ISI Florence’s entire team for making this visit such a success.

Via Antiqua travel GmbH